It’s here! My *secret* project – ilipily’s quarterly update #1

So, let's start with the quarterly update on my blog. I have different topics to talk about since I've been very busy lately.

こんにちは, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new post on my blog and I’m sorry for the long wait time. But as I said in the introduction, I have some topics to talk about since I’ve been busy with new things.

It’s actually too bad to talk about the time I “disappeared from the Internet”. It’s has been 10 months since I posted a new blog post here. 😮 Even my Social Media accounts were a bit inactive. 😨 However, I wasn’t gone! I was working on a side project which I’ve told you in the announcement post. Before I tell you more about that, you’re maybe wondering what those signs do at the beginning of this post? Are you? 🤔

If you wondering what it means, it’s Japanese for Hello. (Kon’nichiwa) 🤯

Wait what, Japanese? 🧐

What is that doing here?! Well, I’m learning Japanese. 😅 Okay, you’re asking now, why learning Japanese? It’s not easy to learn right? I have to admit that it isn’t easy because the language is different from English. We have a quite small alphabet compared to Japanese (Hiragana) which has 46 characters or 71 including diacritics. 😵 (Thanks Wikipedia) Now to fall back to the first question “Why would I learn Japanese in the first place?” Well, I haven’t got a direct reason for it. As I came up with the idea to learn the language as you would say “I’m going to the store right now”.

I’m learning Japanese with DuoLingo an app which I’ve heard some people talk positively about it to learn new languages. I have to say, you should try it. It’s not that boring vocabulary app that gives you annoying words and all the time and the same exercises. Every language has different chapters and things you will learn. You get XP for completing a lesson and you will rank higher in the leaderboard. Competitive learning? Right? 🤔 Yes, It’s something in my eyes that motivates you to learn more and show how good and fast you are learning your language.

Interesting, interesting… 🧐

I’m going to jump back to where I told you about the Japanese language. I’ve told you about the 46 characters or 71 including diacritics. That sentence sounds maybe a bit Japanese for you? 🤔

Let me explain, let’s use the word “Student” in Japanese we say “Gakusei” or written as “学生” these 2 characters are written with the alphabet group of 46 characters as “がくせい“. Now a clear understanding of these symbols:
= ga, = ku, = se, = i.

More, More, More… 🤪

Okay, Okay! Let’s do one last word for this blog post. I want to learn you, the first two words that I could speak in Japanese. 😲 Tell meee!! 🤪 Here we go “Nomu Osake” written as “のむ おさけ“. What would this mean? 🤔 Well, this means “Drink alcohol”. I want to give you a quick disclaimer, I’m not addicted to alcohol. Let’s take a look at the symbols: = no, = mu, = o, = sa, = ke.

Enough Japanese for this post! Let’s talk about the other topics I’ve got for you.

Photo, Photo, Photo 📷

I hope you didn’t fall asleep while understanding the Japanese. 😅 Did you? Hello…? Hello, are you there…? 😴 Aha! You’re still awake! 😃 Well, It’s getting a bit late when I’m writing this post as I look at my clock it’s 2:31 am. Do you say that 2 am is late or early? Let me know in the comments. 😀 That’s maybe a valid reason why I write weird things. I’m sorry for it. 😪

Nice title for this subject right? Has it something to do with Photos? Hmm 🤔 Yes, it has something to do with that! I recently started a photography Instagram account where I post pictures from the places I’ve gone to. I also have my Personal Instagram account where you could see who ilipily is in real life! 😱 I dare you to take a look and follow me of course. 😂

My *Not so secret anymore* Project

Yes, here it is! Finally, the *not so secret anymore* project is here! I maybe hyped you a bit when I couldn’t say much about it but still announced the “secret project”. Kinda mean from me? 😛

Tell meee! 😲

The Project is called ‘IsThisLegit”. 🧐 What’s it now? IsThisLegit is a website where you can find reviews of money-making sites. Yes, you heard that right! You can make money online! 🤑 Give me the website address, please.😀 Before I tell it to you, please read this sentence out loud, “I’m (your name) and I will read this article till the end before I go exploring the project”. Aha! Now you have to stay! 😜 Here you go,

My plans with the project

I’m planning to put in this quarterly update, an update about the project. I will share some information about how it performs and what has changed. With this, I will also learn you more about owning a website and the game of SEO. Wait, what? 🤔 Yes, SEO or in English (not that, that isn’t English) means Search Engine Optimization so you’re making your site ready to perform on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and so on… It’s a game because you need to find the best keywords in order to rank higher in the search results.

Sounds easy? Well, It’s not! There are so many competitors (aka other blogs) around with the same niche as my project. That’s where it has to stand out. It’s important to give your visitors a thought from “I haven’t seen a site like this before”. “How?”, you would ask? Standing out is not that hard actually! Make your site personal, write what you like to write, add features you like and what your visitors like. Take the sentence “Customer is King”, it is true. Without the customer (visitor) your site is just there on the web somewhere in a forgotten corner. 🕸️

Time for some statistics. 📈

I launched IsThisLegit on 6th of April 2019 and as of now (August 8th), it’s online for around 5 months. I’ve published 12 posts which comes to a total of 4403 words. This is approximate 367 words per article. 📰

If you’re into SEO or if you haven’t heard about it yet, here are some of those statistics. I’m using Google Search Console to help me understand how I rank in Google and for what I rank. I managed to get a total of 507 keywords with a total of 855 impressions. Quite impressive for a 5-month-old blog which is only growing for the last 3 months.

It's here! My *secret* project - ilipily's quarterly update #1 1

This is a quite small graph to look at. 🤔 Let me explain what it is. Here you see the impressions from search results, so this is how much my site has shown up in the search results from people. This graph starts on the 6th of May and ends on the 5th of August.

As you can see at the beginning my site popped almost 0 times in the results and if I was lucky 1 time. On the 31st of May, my site started to show up every day in the results. On the 27th of June, it started to grow from 13 results to 141 results on the 5th of August! 😱

How did it grow so quickly?

Well, there is an explanation for! I started blogging 11th of May with the announcement of the service followed by the first review. That day my site showed up 2 times in the search results. Okay, okay… 🧐 How did it jump up then to 141 results? 🤔

There are 2 main reasons for this to explain. Of course, I don’t mention the Google algorithm changes because things changed a lot in terms of that. But the 2 main reasons why it grew so quickly was the fact that I took a 2-month break (June & July) in June I had exams so I couldn’t make posts and in July I was planning new posts and thinking about new ideas to add. So it’s actually a 1-month break for me.

You’re thinking now “How did this cause your site to grow?” well, the fact of not posting anything didn’t grow my site. But Google showed my site more in the search results because I have been working really hard around SEO in July which gave my site a boost till where it’s now. From now on, I’m also trying to plan posts and work on multiple at the same time.

My goal for the next 3 months 🥅

Since I see positive growth 📈 in the statistics of the project, I think it’s the perfect time to put up some goals that I want to reach with it in the next 3 months.

My first goal will be the number of articles written. In 3 months I wrote 12 Articles with a total of 4403 words which is not bad. Now I don’t want to put up something too high to reach. I believe that 12 blog posts in 3 months are enough considered 1 post per week. For the words, I want to have each article at least 300 words and the more, the better. That will be 3600 words at least. I lowered my goals due to the fact school starts in September again.

For the SEO part, I would like to reach 1000 ranked keywords which I currently have a total of 507 keywords. Only 493 keywords to go, since I see growth every day it’s possible to reach for sure. I also hope to pop up in 300 search results every day. This is also not too high because if you have more keywords, you will also be more visible in the search results.

I think that will do it for my goals. Hopefully, I can manage to reach them all but, I’ll update you over 3 months.


From a long break to a new chapter full of new things. I’ve been learning Japanese, I created a photography account on Instagram and I launched my first project. Definitely some big things if you’re wondering.

As I also said in the article, I will be posting updates and I’ll have the next time new Japanese words for you to learn and not to forget I’ll update you how the project is growing. Let me know in the comments what you would like to see next.

I think this is enough for this post, see you soon!