It’s here again! The second quarterly update is online and this time with more good news and Japanese words to learn. Have I reached my project goals yet?

Hi! Another 3 months have passed, time goes very fast lately. ⏱ I have in this update more news about the IsThisLegit project and of course, some more Japanese words for you to learn but, before I start with those things I first want to thank you for all the amazing support that I’ve got on ilipily’s quarterly update #1.

As you can see here, this is the Facebook post that I’ve published when the first update came online. The statistics tell me that I’ve reached 14 people and 16 engagements. 📊 (which are clicks on the URL or post) This is nice to see that the post has reached a big part of my Facebook followers.

Now we can start with this quarterly update. 🤩

A new year of school 👨‍🎓

My last year of high school has started on the 2nd of September. So this is also my last year that I’m studying economics with Modern Languages. To give you some more information about the “Modern Languages” part, I learn at school 5 languages which are Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish. Of course, I’m a native Dutch speaker so learning Dutch is not like the other 4 languages. 😇

Unfortunately, the past few months were very busy for me. 📚 I can say, they were even busier than the years before. Because of this, I wasn’t able to learn Japanese any more so I had to stop learning it. It’s just impossible for me to combine learning Japanese in my daily routine. I started learning Japanese in the summer holiday – a quite nice and relaxing time 🌄 – because, I wanted to learn the language one day. 🤓 I kept learning it during the holiday but had to give up in September. 😕

I’m not quitting the Japanese part in my quarterly updates! 🤗 I bought this summer a book to learn Japanese and I will learn you every quarterly update 3 new Japanese words from the book. 🧐

日本語の言葉 👨‍🏫

Let’s start with the 3 Japanese words! Wait wait! ✋ What means the title?🧐 The title says “Words in Japanese” which will be the new title for the Japanese words section in my future posts.

Now let’s start for real! The first word for this post will be ボート pronounced as Bōto. This is Japanese for a Boat. 🛥️

The second word is タクシー pronounced as Takushī. What does this mean? 🤔 I’ll give you a clue, the Japanese pronunciation almost says it. Still not found? I’ll give you the last clue. 🤗 It’s a type of transportation with 4 wheels. If you guessed a Taxi, you were right! 👍

The last word for this post is here! 😢 The word is 地下鉄 pronounced as Chikatetsu. You won’t probably know this word since the translation is not derivable from the Japanese word. So Chikatetsu means the metro. 🚇

An update about the project 📝

The project has been growing since the last time if you haven’t read the previous post yet, I’ll show both graphs here. 📊

GSC Impressions
IsThisLegit – GSC (previous 3 months)
GSC Impressions 2
IsThisLegit – GSC (now)

As we compare both graphs, we can see a huge change in the impressions per day. As the first graph of the previous 3 months only counts to a max of 150 impressions per day and the new graph shows a max of 750 impressions per day.

As of now, the project is running for 6 months and the last 3 months have been amazing for the project. The lowest amount of impressions that ITL (IsThisLegit) received was 94 impressions and the highest is 636 impressions on my birthday! 🎂

Now to get a total view of the 3 months, ITL received 32,3K impressions in the search results (old 855 impressions). Now, how many articles are published in those 3 months? Well, 10 articles have been published in those months with a total of 3305 words. ✍️

The keywords that the project ranked for also raised. I’m using an SEO plugin that helps me with the latest SEO tricks and that plugin shows stats from GSC but I can’t see that amount of keywords in GSC so I don’t know of the displayed amount of keywords is correct. As of now, the site ranks for 4.7k keywords (old 507 keywords). 📈

Have I reached my goals? 🥅

I have to admit the goal where I would write 12 posts hasn’t been reached due to the fact that I’ve been very busy with school. 😓 What I did manage to reach is an impressive growth in the project. 😄

I’m very happy with the results from the last 3 months and this gives me the strength and the joy of publishing new articles and preform more SEO work. 🤟

New goals? 🆕

In this update, I won’t set up some goals due to the fact that December is a month full of exams for me. 📚 There is, of course, a holiday but my holiday is already planned full of trips. This doesn’t mean I won’t do anything! I’ll be working on the project in my spare time.

Upcoming updates 🔜

I can’t set up goals but I can share some of my plans with you how I will shape the project in the near future. So, what are my plans? 🤔

First of all, I’m planning to update almost every post with more relevant information about the reviewed site to give the visitors a more clear vision of how the reviewed project works. This is important because some sites have now been updated and added/removed some of the features. 📰

Secondly, I’m investigating a new way to show you the information with a new structure. You will easier see what type the site is, cash out options, min. cash out and so on… I don’t know when this part of the update will go live since I’ve been thinking and planning some ways how to manage this. 📋

If this isn’t released by the next quarterly update, you will get a sneak peek in the next quarterly update. 🤗


It has been busy these 3 months for me due to the start of my last year in high school. This caused the fact I couldn’t work much on the project. Fortunately, my SEO work the past months has given the site a boost in traffic. 😁

I have no goals to share this time but I do have some future plans where I told you a bit about. The project grew very well and I’m happy to see that even with lesser effort, but I’ll keep working on it as much as I can to boost it to the next level. 📈

This was it for this quarterly update, thanks for reading! 😍

See you soon

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