The third update is here! I hope you enjoyed Christmas and New Year and have set up some goals you want to reach by yourself this year.

Hey! First of all a happy New Year from me. 😊 I hope you enjoyed the holidays and have set up some goals you want to complete this year or maybe some old goals from the year(s) before? 🤔 Let’s start the post! 😁

Photo, Photo, Photo 📸

Maybe you still remember this title from the first update? I haven’t updated you about my photography Instagram account in the previous update.

This was because I didn’t have an update about that small project but now I have one! If you are already following my Instagram account you may have noticed a change in picture quality. 🤔

This is because the old picture (the first 3) were taken by my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) this phone has a camera of 12 MP. 📱 Now the new pictures will be shot with my camera! Yes, I bought a camera! 🎥 If you’re into camera stuff, I bought a Nikon Reflex Camera D3500 with 18-55mm DX VR lens. This camera will take pictures in 24,7 MP! 😱

Free photos 🆓

As of now, you can download the pictures that I take for free! When I go walking with my camera, I take a few hundred pictures with it and I don’t share everything on Instagram. So, I decided to give some of my pictures away for free. Feel free to download my pictures on Pexels.

Pexels is a community of photographers and hobbyist that share quality pictures with the world for free. Yes, it’s for free, no hidden fees. Every picture listed on Pexels is free to use without the need for attribution but it’s appreciated. 🤗

日本語の言葉 👨‍🏫

Time for some new Japanese words!

In this post, I’m going to learn you some important documents that you need. We’ll start with パスポート pronounced as “pasupōto”. The way you need to pronounce the word tells you what it is. Do you know it? The word means passport in English.

This is also a not so hard to guess word IDカード pronounced as “ID kādo”. This means an ID card.

The last word is here! This is a quite hard word to guess, 運転免許証 pronounced as “Unten menkyoshō”. You probably don’t know this one since you can’t guess it from the Japanese word itself. Since we’re talking about “important documents” and we’ve got already a passport and an ID card, what could this mean? The word means a driver’s license.

More growth for the project!

The project is reaching record after record! I’ll explain to you everything about it. Let’s take a look at the whole graph.

Photography to the Next Level & Talking SEO - ilipily's quarterly update #3 1

As you can see here, the website has made huge progress in terms of reaching people throughout the search engine. The graph starts on the 2nd of November and ends on the 2nd of January.

Throughout this period, the project showed 936 times in the search engine on the 29th of December. A nice gift to end the year 2019. If we’re now speaking about the highest amount of views, we also need to speak about the lowest amount of views.

The lowest amount of views that the project received is 268 views on the 24th of November.

What happened at the end of the graph?

At the end of the graph, we can see a jump and this is explainable.

The jump started on the 17th of December and is still growing after one month but that’s for the next update! I know you want to know how I managed to go from 400 views a day to 936 views a day.

It’s not hard to explain as I wrote a review for a site (like I always do) but this time the site I reviewed became popular and it was a trend. Due to the fact that I was one of the first people to review the site am I ranked between the 4-5th position for that search.

I can also say that I got tons of traffic from that review, Google even updated the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) so the popular question like “What’s the reviewed site?” and “How to use the reviewed site?” were clickable in the SERP page of Google.

SERP popular article

I had to remove the name from the program because I can’t share it on the Internet. Sorry! But here you can see those 2 questions that I mentioned above. Google automatically added those to help people find most asked questions about the program.

Updated articles

I mentioned in the previous update that I wanted to roll out a new scheme for the articles so people can easily get the information they needed in a few seconds.

So, I did roll out a new scheme for currently one type of niche, the URL Shorteners. It’s hard to write a 300-600 word review about a URL shortener since URL shorteners have only one function – shortening URL(s). With this new scheme, I managed to show all the needed information about those sites in an article instead of writing a normal review.

Impact on SEO

Those articles do not have a 300-600 word count and it’s always recommended to write at least 300 words in terms of SEO performance. So this can affect the impact of my position for those articles but I’ve been following some SEO topics about word count and many people seem to see word count not so important.

This is understandable, let’s say I write a 250-word article and my competitor writes an 1100 word article. I write all the needed stuff and my competitor just adds random stuff to it to reach the 1100 words. This is seen as quantity above quality and that’s something users don’t like nor Google.

Don’t get me wrong, not all articles above the 1000 words are bad. You just need to have quality above quantity and 1000+ word articles are also quality even high quality if the author doesn’t add words to just fill the word count.

What I’m trying to explain is that I don’t see any big impact on my SEO for the small articles from that niche, my competitors that also review URL shorteners are having the same “problem”. You can’t just make a 600+ word article of it without adding words to it for the quantity. A URL shortener works simple, you just shorten your links and that’s it.


Finally, a new update for the photography project and I’m happy to announce that photography is now a new hobby of mine. That’s not all! The project has already reached a new record. I’m curious about what milestones we’ll reach in the near future.

I think this is enough for this post, see you soon!

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