Hey, welcome back to the fourth quarterly update!

In this update, I want to announce some changes in the upcoming quarterly posts and to my blog. I’ll tell you more about it in the update itself. First, I want to address something.

Quick Math

It was a sunny day and I was sitting in the garden with my laptop — I was enjoying the sun and writing this blog post. Suddenly, I found out that I made a wrong calculation. 🤔 My quarterly posts are published too early because the 4th update (this one) will be published on the 8th of June instead of the 8th of September. Yeah… 🤦‍♂️

So I started the first post on the 8th of September 2019 so the second update was planned for the 8th of December 2019. Well, it isn’t actually 3 months.

Wait, Wait, Wait…

Between September and December are 2 months and not 3 months. I miscalculated this due to the fact that I counted September in the 3 months.😅 So in other words, after September the 8th you have October, November, and the 8th of December (next post publish date).

Now my post had to be done before the 8th of December or the post won’t be on time. This isn’t 3 months between them and it came late to my attention. ⏰

One year has a total of 4 quarters which means that my 4th quarterly update will be published 1 year after the first so also on the 8th of September but now in 2020.

What am I going to do?

If you’re still counting with me, all posts need to be rescheduled. 🗓️ This must be done to keep my posting streak 🔥 (as I call it) 4 per year for the quarterly update.

The new schedule will be different except for September, I will keep starting from September the 8th for the first quarterly update. The second update will be published on the 8th of January instead of the 8th of December. So, the third update will be published on the 8 of May instead of the 8th of March. The 4th post will be published back on the 8th of September.

I told you about rescheduling, I will reschedule all the posts to fit the new schedule so the upcoming posts are also correct. With the magic of blogging is this all possible. 🔮 Well, except for this post. This post will be published in June but will, later on, be scheduled for September.

So, this is the update for June and September. I will reschedule this post when the 8th of September went by, other ways you won’t be able to see this post until it’s the 8th of September.

Changes in the Quarterly updates

Enough about the scheduling and rescheduling part of the posts, now what will change in the next upcoming quarterly updates?

A new part

I’m going to announce a new part in the upcoming updates that will go mainly about staking/investing, buying/selling/trading cryptocurrencies. This is something that I’ve been up to lately and enjoying to do. 🤑

Well, I’ve been part of the crypto world since the summer of 2016 but didn’t do much with my crypto funds. There are ways to earn interest on your crypto with percentages higher than banks give. I’ll tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of this in the next update.

Saying bye

The new part will replace an old part in the update. I’m quitting the Japanese part in the updates. ⛩️

I’m not so into learning Japanese anymore since it was very hard to match this in my daily routine due to school — where I already had to learn 5 languages. I’ve been using a book that I bought in the summer (when I just started) for some words that I can learn to you.

Now, I’m removing this part completely in my next updates because I believe it’s not adding much value for my quarterly updates. My goal with the updates is to let you know and learn the things I do and learning Japanese was not taking part in the things I was doing.

My website

I’ve been thinking and testing some things on a local server. 🧐

As a result, I can say that I will be changing my website completely. Currently, when you visit my website you will be redirected to my blog due to the fact there is no other content to see. This will change!

Don’t get me wrong, the blog will stay for sure, but I’m also making place for other stuff. I’ll keep that a secret for now. 😜


I currently have no date planned to update the website since I’m still testing a version of it on my local server. I’ll share it in a Tweet when I’m ready to update it. So make sure to follow me on Twitter. 🐦


A lot of changes are coming to my blog. This quarterly update was different than the other ones I’ve made, but I know for sure that the update will have a positive effect and I’m hyped to show you the new version of my site very soon! 😁

I think this is enough for this post, see you soon!

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