A new logo? Are the updates there yet? Let’s find out!

Hello, welcome back to the fifth quarterly update.

Before we start, happy new year! 2021 is here and hopefully better than 2020. I mean it can’t go worse? Hopefully not!

It’s been a while since I wrongly scheduled the Quarterly updates. If you want to know more about it, see my Q4 update.

So yeah, I’m here again!

A new journey

Even though the “weird times” as many people call it (aka the pandemic) I successfully graduated high school. Finally! 🙌 Now, time for a new chapter called “University”. I’m currently studying Business Administration which will take me at least 3 years to graduate.🎓

The big update

As I mentioned in the previous quarterly update (Qu4) a big wave of updates has arrived partially. Currently, the updates consist of my main website and IsThisLegit (my project).

You may have seen my new website when you visit ilipily.com. Now, you won’t be redirected to my blog when you visit the main website like you used to. With this update, I can now share my portfolio, projects, etc in one place and keep it apart from my blog.

Don’t get me wrong, the blog will stay for sure.


When I launched my main website, ilipily got re-branded.

ilipily logo
Re-branding: old logo and new logo

Instead of the “I” logo with the “>” in it, you will now see “ilipily.” as the logo. I’ve changed this because the previous logo was not really clear to people what it meant. I’ve received comments that it’s an “M” turned sideways not an “I”. This was true in some cases, the “>” was a bit lighter in color than the “I” but this was not visible in all cases. 🧐

If you’ve taken a look at my current logo, you’ve seen the dot behind “ilipily.”. The reason for it is because people I speak to on a daily basis also call me ilipily sometimes and when I would refer to my website the dot would make it easier as you say “ilipily dot com”.

Also, a dot represents the end of a sentence which shows that on the website you’ll find everything about me. You don’t need to lookup on other sites to find more information about me. All my social media, projects and work is there.

Project updates

My project IsThisLegit has also been updated. 🥳

When I started the project, it only consisted of reviews and articles that I wrote. I wanted to change this and give you as a reader more privileges.

That’s the reason the community update has launched. 🤯

The money-making world is an active world and maintaining everything on my own was getting impossible. Now, users can create an account and publish articles related to money-making methods or sites.

That’s not all, it’s called the “community update” because it’s also a new home for people who want to learn how they can make money online. Users can chat with each other, join groups, and much more.

I’d say, take a look for yourself and be part of the community. 🤗

Future for the quarterly updates

It’s been a while since a ‘normal’ quarterly update was published.

There is a reason for it, I’ve been working to get my website done and made plans for my project. This took some time to prepare and release.

Now, hopfully in the future I’ll have more time for the quarterly updates. They won’t be gone!


Well, I need to address some extra changes which were not introduced in the previous Qu4.

I’ve been thinking about how I could present the growth that my project has received. Before, I used to report the growth per quarter. This is not easy to follow as you’ll need to read 4 of my quarterly updates and compare the growth by yourself.

I believe it would have more sense to publish a yearly update in a different article. This will have more benefits as you could easily find those articles on my blog and you’ll have a better perspective about how everything has evolved.

What would I then talk about in the Qu?

That’s a good question! 😅

You will be the first to know what new projects will be releasing in the future and have more insights into the things I’m doing.

I would like to introduce one quote per Qu and give my thoughts about it and let you think with me about the ‘true’ meaning of the quote.

There will be more, but that’s for you to find out!

I always wanted to publish more articles here and now I have some ideas about the content I want to publish here.

Apart from the quarterly updates and the yearly project updates, I will publish articles about product reviews and useful tools to be more productive. I will also post some financial related articles since this is something that fits my interests. But, yeah, I’m not a financial advisor, do your own research if you want to try something.


An end to the updates part in the quarterly updates and a new fresh start. I’m excited about the changes and hope to give you some more insights. I’d say stay tuned!

I think this is enough for this post, see you soon!

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