Welcome on my blog, click on read more to learn more about me.

Hi, my name is Ilias or also known as ilipily! I’m currently 17 years old and live in Belgium. For most of the time, you’ll find me behind my computer. I like to spend my free time making websites and gaming.

I’ve created ilipily’s website to inform & learn people about my plans, projects,.. and the online world. Okay, I know you want to know what kind of articles you can find here. So let’s start naming them:
– News (personal and news about projects)
– Tutorials, useful tutorials which you can use for sure.
– Reviews, what program/website/tool is better?
– Tech, it’s almost the same as the news topic but more about the tech side.
And there is more to come!

Currently there is only a blog, this will change as I finish the main website. 

Thanks for reading my first blog post!