I’ve already talked about this topic before. You can read my older post here. Now you can take Mobile Gaming on your pc to another the next level! And how?

Well, Bluestacks has been updated to Bluestacks 4. More Powerful and more bug fixes. I’ll guide you around those performance tweaks and some of the features.

Why playing mobile games on your pc?

Like I mentioned in my older post, playing mobile games or using apps on your pc has many advantages. Mostly storage, games are now much bigger in file size compared to some years ago.

And 2-auth security? What if you forgot your phone? Well having the ability to get mobile applications/games, will help you with the 2-auth problem. No need to keep your phone next to you and searching for your auth codes. Manage them directly from your computer.

Let’s take a look at BlueStacks 4

BlueStacks intro

Here are some of the new features from BlueStacks 4.

  • BlueStacks 4 is running on Android Nougat 7.1.2 (BlueStacks 3 Android KitKat 4.4.2)
  • Performance is 8 times faster!
  • Support OpenGL 3.x games.
  • Reduced install size
  • Play your favorite game on multiple instances.
  • Keymapping updates
  • BlueStacks Store

Multiple instances

What are Multiple instances? Well, these are extra BlueStacks windows where you can play for example your favorite game on. It sounds useless but, you can open your game multiple times. And so, you can play your game on 2 different sessions and be the sensei of the game.

Keymapping updates

What is Keymapping? You have probably already heard about the key bindings or controls? Well, with keymapping you can assign a key from your keyboard to a special function in a game. So for example fighting in a combat game is done with the left mouse click, with keymapping you can assign the combat key to “M” for example.

BlueStacks has its keymapping support for a while now but only supporting: MOBA & Shooting Mode. Now it still supports the MOBA & Shooting mode and more game types! Like AI-Based Game Guidance, aiming & shooting mode, zoom, DPAD, and customizable keymapping!

BlueStacks World

BlueStacks World

The BlueStacks world is a world where you can find events, trades, store, and the Market. But also your level and profile are displayed there. It’s the perfect place to manage your cards and keep an eye on what you’ve scored at the events.

What are those levels?


You level up by collecting cards. After you level up, you can get 1000+ coins and a special gift! Coins are useful for buying stuff in the BlueStacks store or for buying cards in their Market.

Once you have reached level 4 you can choose between 3 dogs. The dog that you have chosen is your companion. I haven’t found out for what they are useful. It’s possible that they will be useful in a future update. And can be used next to you on your profile.

BlueStacks store

BlueStacks Store

Maybe you already knew it or you will find out now but, you will earn Pika points by playing games and opening BlueStacks daily. Logging in daily (20 points), downloading an app of your choice (10 points/download) and for playing your favorite games (5 points/game).

Before (on the 3N version), BlueStacks had already their store. You could exchange your Pika Points for a gaming mouse and other gaming stuff. Of course, you would need a lot of points before you could exchange your points. Now they made more options to exchange your points, you can buy cards, themes, and other stuff!

BlueStacks Market

What are the cards?

Cards are just cards, like your collection of Pokemon cards. Every now and then, BlueStacks does some events. While an event is running, you can collect special cards and exchange them with other players. Okay.. what can I do with them? Events allow you to win prizes by collecting cards. And you will need some cards to level up! 

How to get them?

BlueStacks Trade

Getting cards is not hard. You just need to play games on BlueStacks. Most of the time to get event cards, you need to play the featured game for 10 minutes. Some games have specific cards that you will need to level up. And if you’re really looking for some cards, there is a chance you can find them on the Market. The market is the place where players can exchange cards for cards with other players.

My thoughts

The BlueStacks 4 update is much better in terms of performance but also design. The new look of the BlueStacks world and the market/store looks very good! But there is one thing, I don’t know what your companion (dog) is useful for?

Like I already wrote, I would like an option to get your companion next to you on your profile and have the ability to customize the companion just like you can customize your avatar. And of course some features for the companion! At the moment the dog does nothing that I have noticed. But what if you could let the dog out? Or buy a house with Pika Points for your dog? And maintain your dog like it’s a real dog but then virtually? In my eyes that would be cool!

How to upgrade BlueStacks?

If you already had BlueStack on your pc, you would probably have the 3N version. Upgrading to the new BlueStacks 4 is easy! You need to download BlueStacks 4 from their site. While you download BlueStacks 4, the installer will warn you that nothing will be removed (data) but, your key mappings will be deleted.

For me, the installation was easy and fast. But I didn’t get the update notice from the BlueStacks 4 version. It said I had the latest version 3N. This was possibly not a bug. I think they will send the BlueStacks 4 update notification soon to all the users that are using the BlueStacks 3N. So if you want the BlueStacks 4 update, feel free to download it by clicking the button below!

The recommended spec are still the same for BlueStacks 4 as for the 3N.
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-680
Graphics: Intel HD 5200 or higher
Memory: 6 GB or higher

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