Do you have a website? And do you need a domain name? Follow this tutorial to get your FREE domain name!

What do you need to know

The domain you will get is free forever with a renewal period of 1 year. After that year you need to renew the domain for free! You can make so much domain names as you want! If you don’t want to renew the domain name after 1 year, you can buy the domain and put the renewal period for a few years.

Let’s Start

First of all, you need to create an account at Freenom. Once this is done you can start creating free domains! But, keep following this tutorial to learn how to do this.

Registering the domain

Now you need to head over to “Register a New Domain” under “Services“. Fill your wanted domain name in the form like this:


Once you have one, hit the “Check Availability” button. Now you will see of your domain is already taken or not. If your domain name is taken, you will need to search for another name. In my case, the domain is not chosen.

Choose your domain

There are 5 free domain extensions: TK, ML, GA, CF, GQ. For this tutorial, I will take the .TK. You can use another one if you want. Now you need to hit the “Get it now!” button. And as you can see, a green “Checkout” button has appeared.

Get the domain

Click on that button and now you need to choose how you want to use your domain and for how long you want to register it.

Choose the forward options

There are 2 options, “Forward this domain” and “Use DNS“. For the first option, you only need to add the URL of the website (if the website has one). If not and you have the rights to enter the website’s admin panel, choose “Use DNS“.  Keep in mind that you can change those settings when you want! The last step is the Period. I recommend choosing for the 12 months (1 year) period.

Forward the domain

You’re almost there! Now hit the “Continue” button. Now you will see your order. You are not ready yet, you need to fill your details in the form below and accept the “Terms & Conditions“. Submit your details and you’re done!

Order confirmation
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