Let visitors visit your website using https, with this tutorial you will learn how to get a free SSL certificate and install it!

Why is SSL a must have?

A SSL certificate protects the data delivered from your visitors to your website’s server. This will encrypt the data submitted for example by forms and decrypt it when it reaches the server. Now Google Chrome has announced that they will show a “Not Secure” status in the address bar if a site is not using SSL.

What do I need for this tutorial?

Of course, you will need a website where you have the full access over. By that I mean, you can edit the nameservers in the DNS settings of your domain/hosting. And you need to create an account on Cloudflare, which you can create for free if you use the first plan.

Let’s Start

After you have successfully registered on Cloudflare, they will ask you to submit a website. Submit your website and follow their steps.
They will ask you to change your current DNS settings to their DNS servers. Just copy their DNS servers (2) and remove all your DNS settings in your hosting panel and put those 2 from Cloudflare. The process can take some hours before you can access your website again normally.

Once this is done you can now enter their dashboard and manage your website.

How to get a FREE SSL certificate? 9
Cloudflare Dashboard

Now head over to “Crypto“. The first option you can choose how the SSL is displayed/used on your site. I recommend using Full. using Full  (strict) can cause problems like Invalid SSL certificate.

How to get a FREE SSL certificate? 10
“Crypto’ tab on the Cloudflare Dashboard

There are a few settings “Always use SSL” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites“, again I recommend putting those on. The Always use SSL option will force the browser to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

How to get a FREE SSL certificate? 11
Always use HTTPS setting

The Automatic HTTPS Rewrites will fix the links or content on your site to use an SSL connection if possible.

How to get a FREE SSL certificate? 12
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

Now your site is SSL ready! If this tutorial helped, please share it with your friends and family! And don’t forget to leave a comment!

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