Do you want to create your own Minecraft server and play with plugins? Well, this is a Tutorial made for you!

What do you need

You will need a computer and the game Minecraft of course!

What will we make here

For the tutorial, I will make a Spigot server for the 1.12.2 Minecraft version. Keep in mind, you can use this tutorial for all versions of Minecraft!

Let’s start

First of all, we will download the server (jar file). You can choose any Minecraft version that you want. Download them from getbukkit.

Once this is done, find the .jar file and put it on your desktop (home). Create an empty file and drag the .Jar file into it.

Now you need to create a text file, on windows, you can click on the right mouse button and go to ‘New‘ and then ‘Create new file‘.

You can give it, for now, a random name. We will change it soon. You need to paste this code into your file.

@echo off
java -Xmx1G -jar spigot-(spigot version).jar
How to make a Minecraft server? 1

Like you can see, on the second line it says ‘spigot-(spigot version).jar. Here you will need to write the name of your spigot file. In my case ‘spigot-1.12.2.jar’.

Now we need to save the file, watch out for this step! You need to follow these steps very good or your server won’t launch! How to save? Save your file as ‘Save file as‘. A new screen has appeared, name the file ‘start.bat‘ but you aren’t done yet! Don’t save! After you’ve renamed it, change your file type (under the file name), as ‘All files‘.

How to make a Minecraft server? 2

Now you are ready to save, you can delete the other text document if you had saved it in the beginning. Your file will now look like this one.

How to make a Minecraft server? 3

You can execute that file by clicking on it. You will see a CMD screen and new files in the folder. The process will stop after a few seconds because we need to do a simple edit in the ‘EULA file‘.

How to make a Minecraft server? 4

You can hit any key to close the CMD screen. Like the screen said we need to accept the EULA ‘End User License Agreement‘. You can do this by opening the eula.txt file and change the ‘false‘ to ‘true‘.

How to make a Minecraft server? 5

You can hit the save button (Windows: CTRL + S). And now open the start.bat file again. Your server will now work! Keep the CMD screen open to play. It’s the server console.

How to make a Minecraft server? 6

To access your server, go to your Minecraft client and add a new server with the IP address ‘localhost‘. If this does not work, use the address.

Did this tutorial help you? If it helped, please share it with your friends and family! And don’t forget to leave a comment!

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