Are you a gamer? And do you like to show off your skills to other players? This tutorial is made for you! I’ll show you how to stream to Twitch or Mixer with OBS.

Stream to Twitch

First, you need to login to your Twitch account and go to your dashboard page.

Twitch Dashboard

Under settings (found in the left corner) you will find channel.

Twitch channel

You will need the stream key, never show this key to anyone! If someone has this key he/she can stream on your channel! If you believe someone has the key, you can reset it by hitting the reset button.

TIP: You can also save your streams by enabling the button “save previous streams.”

Stream To Mixer

First you need to login to your Mixer Account. And go to manage channel.

Mixer Manage Channel

Click on stream setup manually and now you have to choose your stream software. In my case, I’ll use OBS. You can do it too if you want.

Mixer Stream Setup OBS

Making OBS ready

Now let’s open OBS, if you don’t have OBS download it here.

Once OBS has downloaded and opened you will see this screen.

OBS Window

Now you need to go to settings it can be found under File > Settings.

OBS Settings

The last part of the OBS settings is filling in the stream key. You need to go to Stream in the left upper corner.

On this window you need to choose your service (streaming service). Under the service again and you will find “server”, leave this to auto. And now you will need your stream key. (note: for Mixer choose Mixer FTL as service)

Once this is all done, hit the Apply button. Now you are almost done and ready for streaming! But we need to do something first and it’s very important. If you now start streaming, your viewers will see a black screen. This is because we didn’t add the game in OBS.

In the bottom left corner you’ll see Sources, here we need to add the game and your voice. For displaying a game, click on the Game Capture. And ofcourse, start the game you want to stream otherways OBS can’t find it.

OBS will ask you Create/select “new source”. Just hit the OK button. (you can give it a name but it’s not important) Always make sure the box of “Make source visible” is checked!

Now you will see this screen. (see image below)

OBS Game Capture

Change the Mode to “Capture Specific Window” and choose your program/game, in my case it’s Minecraft. Once this is done hit the OK button again. (if you don’t see your game on the OBS screen, go to your game and then back to OBS

Screen Size

My last Tip for this tutorial is if OBS shows a black stroke in the screen and you’ve tried to resize it so the game has the full window. You need to manually add the size in the settings.

Game Size Is Not Matching OBS

You can size it with the red dots, but this will cut a piece of your game. I suggest to click on the Game Capture and hit the right mouse button. Go to properties and enable Force scaling. Next to Scale Resolution, fill in 1920×1080. Hit OK again and click on your game. Now it fits the whole screen.

Did this tutorial help you? If it helped, please share it with your friends and family! And don’t forget to leave a comment!

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